About Us

If you’re here, chances are you know the deal: You love your bike, you love your trails, and you’re thinking “geez how good would it be to have someone else point me in the right direction? Take me some places I’ve never been. Take care of the logistics so I can just ride and enjoy myself.” Something like that? And here we are. Beyond the Mount. We live and breathe the local communities, nature, the trails and, of course, time on two wheels. A bit like Maverick, we’ll be your wingman (or wingwoman) anytime.

Whether you want to join one of our existing tours or create your own, do one day or many, have us a long for the ride or bugger off on your own, we’re here to help with bike hire, skill sessions, training, and of course the best damn tours imaginable in and around Melrose and the world famous Flinders Ranges.

So come on, what are you waiting for, the trails are waiting!

Meet the Team

Our team are all highly trained and here to make sure you have a stupidly good time. But we’re also here to make sure all those annoying but important logistics are taken care of, and that you stay safe and are well-prepared for anything you might come up against out there.

Kristen Norton - Co-founder and Tour Leader   

Kristen is an Adelaide Hills girl, growing up in Summertown, and riding her bike to school in Uraidla. Hanging out with Don, she got sick of hearing about how much fun he was having without her. Kristen cranked up the bike again, riding most days and has ridden a bunch of bike parks across Australia. She’s not as hardcore as Don (which to be fair would be difficult), and her other skills include catering to die for and Don-wrangling.

Don Norton - Co-founder and Tour Leader   

Don’t let looks deceive you, Don’s not old, he’s just… ‘experienced’. He grew up cycling the tracks and trails around Norton Summit in the Adelaide Hills, he’s what you might affectionately call a bit of larrikin. He’s ridden the 900km Mawson Trail, 24hr events and raced BMX and downhill with his son who is clearly a chip of the old block. Oh, and he’s a member of the local CFS and is First Aid trained so for all his fooling around and stories that may or may not be 100% true, he takes your safety and well-being super seriously.

Tour Leaders   

We have a few other tour leaders who jump on the bike when we need, all of whom have oodles of experience and are First Aid trained. If you want to take it easy, they’ll just chug along with you, but if you want to give things a bit of a nudge, don’t worry, they’ll be up to the challenge considering between them they’ve raced at state, national and international level, have decades of experience, and have done the sorts of things most regular people describe as ‘crazy’ – like 100km rides and beyond. We take your safety and fun seriously, so we make our tour guides jump through hoops, (sometimes literally), to make sure they’re up to the task of delivering you a tour beyond your expectations.