We have the Beyond the Mount 12-seater shuttle bus to shuttle you to start somewhere like Mambray Creek and hike or trail run back. Maybe even enjoy the Southern Flinders rail trail with Wirrabara Forest and the Southern Flinders Ranges providing an imposing backdrop.

Or if you’re thirsty, visit some of our awesome local wineries. We can even pick you up from the airport if you’re coming in from far away and don’t fancy driving out here. Let us know what you’re planning, and what you need, and as always, we’ll do everything we can to make it all work.

Call Don to book: 0418 855 513

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If you’re really enthusiastic you could ride, but we suggest driving and hey, it’s not that far away. If you’re flying in or don’t have a car or just can’t be stuffed driving, we can collect you in our super comfy shuttle bus with a purpose-built bike trailer. Hey presto, no problemo.

Google Maps directions from Adelaide to Melrose.

Melrose is great for trails and adventures but isn’t exactly a thriving metropolis, but we recommend staying with us at Under the Mount. Because it’s bloody amazing and we love bike riders.  

The shuttle seats 10 in comfort on the inside. An extra two on the roof if you like fresh air. Also, this is not a thing. It’s 10. Do not get on the roof.

We also have a super new comfy 4WD, so we can take more of your crew if you need us to. 

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